Tutorial on How To Track Multiple Users in Teen Driving Log

The Teen Driving Log app is intended for use by a single user; however, we are considering on expanding the functionality of the app to include  the ability to track effort for multiple users. With that said, there is a current workaround that will allow the ability to track multiple users. All you have to do is add the driver’s name in the notes section of the log entry.  When you export the report to a .csv file, you will be able to sort the data by the notes column and use the functionality of the worksheet program (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc.) to total the time and track the skills. 

Note: This effort can make the app interface a bit confusing since it is outside of Teen Driving Log’s intended functionality.  Some app users opt to multiply the required driving time by the number of users to align with the total time needed.

App Related Efforts – Identifying Driver and Accessing Data

Step 1: Select the Notes Option

Upon stopping the log for a given trip, you will automatically be directed to the Log Entry page. To enter a driver’s name, scroll to the bottom of the Log Entry page and select the Notes option. You should also select the applicable Driving Conditions that were encountered or practiced during the driving session.

Steps 2 & 3: Enter the driver’s name and click Save.

Type in the name of the driver in the notes box and select Save. After you click Save, you will return to the Log Entry view. You will see the person’s name listed under the Notes heading.

step 2 enter drivers name and save

Steps 4-7: Accessing Data.

To access the data, you need to export the .csv file containing all of the driving log information.

Step 4 – Click the Settings sprocket at the bottom of the app.

Step 5 –  Click Backup

Step 6 –  Select the Backup Now option on the Backup Your Data page

Step 7 –  Select send on the Data file from Teen Driving Log page to forward an email containing the .csv file and a zip file of the database. We will focus on the .csv file. The database is used in the event that you need to restore your data to app (helpful if you accidentally delete your data).

      backup now option      select send option

Spreadsheet Related Efforts – Sorting and Compiling Data

(coming soon)