Are you feeling anxious about having to parallel park for your driver’s test?


Don’t be. Check out our five easy tips on how to parallel park.

Everyone feels a little anxious when they learn how to parallel park for the first time. It can be nerve-racking for even seasoned drivers. Parallel parking isn’t just some annoying part of your driver’s test, it’s a very useful skill to have, even if it may not seem so right now. You certainly don’t fancy scratching other people’s cars as you attempt to park yours.

Although it can be a hard skill to master, you can do it with some practice. Read on to learn more!

How to Parallel Park with Confidence


Ready to get started?


1. Find a Spot to Park

First, find a spot where you have plenty of room to maneuver.

Don’t be a hero and try to squeeze into a tight spot for your first several tries.

Keep driving until you come to a space that you can easily fit into.

Also, try to find a spot on a street with little traffic.

You’re probably going to be stressed out already, so you don’t need a line of cars honking and breathing down your neck.

Even if friends or family in the car are pressuring you to grab the first spot you see, remember, you’re in charge of the vehicle.

Wait until you find a spot that you’re comfortable with, even if it’s further away from your destination.


2. Position Your Car

There are plenty of step-by-step guides on how to turn your wheel and when etc. But first, you need to position your car for success.

Line up your car with the car in front of your space.

Get about 6 inches to a foot from that car with your bumpers lined up to each other.


3. Take Your Time As You Park

If you’re on the right side of the street, turn your wheels all the way to the right and slowly back into the spot until your bumper is nearly in the center of the parking space.

Straighten out your wheels and back up a little more.

It may look like you’re going to back straight into the sidewalk, but don’t worry, because we’re going to…


4. Adjust Your Parking

Turn your wheels to the left and start curving towards the car in back of you.

WARNING! Keep your eyes on the car in front of you as well. The front end of your car can easily clip the back end of that car if you’re moving too fast and not paying attention.

Once you’re fully in the parking space, you may need to inch up, back up, or “wiggle” around to get your car in there. Try to be as close the curb as possible and equal distance from the cars in front and behind you in the end.


5. Practice! Practice! Practice!

A good way to practice is to get some cones (lawn chairs work nicely too) and go to an empty parking lot. Set up the cones as if they were your front and back cars. Then practice, practice, practice. You’ll get the confidence of a pro driver sooner than later.


Even though parallel parking is no longer part of a driver’s exam in about 16 states, it’s still a very crucial skill for everyday driving. With these tips, you should have the know how to parallel park like an experienced driver and be on your way to acing your driving exam.


Check out the Teen Driving Log app to help you keep track of your parallel parking efforts and to make sure that you are practicing the driving skills needed to be a safe driver.