The Dangers Of A Sleepy Driver

Discover the risks of drowsy driving and how to protect yourself. Drowsy driving is a dangerous issue. The results of drowsy driving are frightening. Driving while being sleepy or overly tired a dangerous situation. It usually occurs when a driver is fatigued or has not slept enough. However, it can also happen when a person [...]

Road Safety During The Upcoming Time Change

Time Change Safety Reminder This is a friendly reminder that daylight savings time ends at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 1. The time change applies to most locations in the United States. Please remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour if the time change applies to your location. Keep in mind that the time change [...]

5 Driving Test Tips To Help You Pass The First Time

Are you nervous about getting behind the wheel for your driver's test?   Read this article to learn 5 driving test tips to help you pass the first time.   One of the most highly anticipated rite of passage for a teen is earning their driver's license. However, if you've started practicing for the driving test, you [...]

5 Easy Tips on How to Parallel Park

Are you feeling anxious about having to parallel park for your driver's test?   Don't be. Check out our five easy tips on how to parallel park. Everyone feels a little anxious when they learn how to parallel park for the first time. It can be nerve-racking for even seasoned drivers. Parallel parking isn't just some annoying part [...]

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