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About Teen Driving Log

The teen driving log app helps student drivers become safe drivers. The app features an easy-to-use interface to log and track drive time, driving conditions, and skills practiced before the big road test.

Most states require new drivers to complete a specific amount of behind-the-wheel time before becoming licensed. During this time, teens are issued a restricted driver’s license, also known as a driver’s permit, graduated driver’s license (GDL), or learner’s permit. Supervised driving by a parent, guardian, driving instructor or another adult licensed driver is a common requirement during the licensing period.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a graduated driver licensing program which includes supervised driving time decreases crashes in novice drivers by 20% to 50%. The Teen Driving Log app will let you easily track supervised driving time and skills practiced to help make sure that new drivers are achieving the benchmarks necessary to be a skilled driver.

Teen Driving Log is the perfect teen driving technology app for students, parents, and driving instructors to help make sure that new drivers become safe drivers. The intuitive layout of the app makes it easy to log current and previous supervised driving time. Are you ready to start tracking driving hours? If so, you can download the app today to start tracking your driving efforts by selecting the Download App button above.


The Reasons You’ll Love It

Track Time

Track supervised driving time with a click of a button.

Drive Time Tracking Features

Keeping track of your supervised driving time is as easy as clicking the start and stop buttons. The app automatically calculates total time driven and determines if the drive was during daytime or night time hours.


Track skills practiced to be sure you have the experience needed to be a safe driver.

Skills Tracking Features

Being a safe driver is about having the skills needed to confidently navigate the streets. The extensive list of skills in the app goes beyond the requirements for most States to help make sure the student is road ready.


Keep track of the driving conditions encountered while driving.

Conditions Tracking

This feature gives drivers the option to keep track of the various weather conditions and road types encountered during each drive. New drivers need to experience a variety of driving conditions to gain confidence.


This feature allows you to see at a glance the progress you've made and how much farther you need to go.

Easy To Read Statistics

This feature encourages drivers to complete their driving requirements and makes it easy to track the number of days to get your license, day & night time hours driven, and hours needed to complete requirements.


The Distance feature allows teens to easily track the miles traveled during each driving session.

Log Driving Miles

We are proud to say that we don’t track app users or store any user data. Because of this, the number of miles driven is entered manually via the Distance field. It also encourages drivers to become familiar with their vehicle’s trip feature.


Sharing options include a driving summary via the Summary page and a detailed copy from the Backup Your Data page.

Export and Share Your Data

Driving is a big deal. We make it easy to share your progress via text or your favorite social media site.  Need to share a detailed driving log? That info is sent via the Backup Your Data page. By the way, the app will remind you to backup your data.

Easy To Track Drive Time

What If I Forget To Record A Drive?

do not panic
we've got you covered

Being a new driver is stressful enough, so we strive to make keeping track of your drive time stress free. The app allows drivers to add previous or missed drives, so there is no need to worry if you do not have your phone with you or if you forget to start the app. This feature also lets drivers and driving instructors add and edit log details related to a new or existing drive. All you have to do is visit the Log screen in the app. It is that easy!

Creating Safe Drivers

teen girl behind wheel of car

Tracking driving details is one of the most important parts of becoming a safe driver. Government regulations often require a certain amount of time behind the wheel before you are granted a non-restricted driver’s license. However, many government entities don’t require drivers to track or monitor the driving conditions encountered while driving.

It is through experiencing a wide range of driving conditions that new drivers become confident and safe drivers. Teen Driving Log app encourages new drivers to go beyond the basic requirements of tracking time spent behind the wheel. The app provides drop-down style checklists organized by key driving conditions.

  • Road Type: 4 Lane Highway, City, Closed Course, Country Roads, Dirt Road, Driveway, Expressway, Highway, In-Town, Off-Road, Parking Garage, Parking Lot, Residential, Rocky Road, Other

  • Weather: Clear, Sunny, Overcast, Rainy, Foggy, Snowy, Other

  • Skills: 3 Point Turn, 4 Way Stop, Backing Up, Changing Lanes, Driving Under Adverse Conditions, General, Highway Speed, Left and Right Turns, Merge Into Traffic, Observing Street Signs, Observing Traffic Lights, Parallel Parking, Pulling Into/Out of Parking Spots, Railroad Crossing, Turning Lanes, U Turn, Yielding, Roundabout, Rush Hour, Construction, Pedestrian Traffic, Other

  • Distance: Space to type in mileage driven

  • Passenger: Parent, Instructor, Other

  • Day/Night: Day, Night (This is only needed when manually entering a missed drive time, otherwise, it is automatically determined by the app)

  • Notes: This section is nice for additional information such as critique notes, feelings about the drive, destinations, driver name (if tracking multiple drivers)

App Screenshots 

Our easy to use, intuitive interface makes is easy to enter, export, and track your driving experiences. The app is ad free, so there are no annoying popup windows or advertisements to get in your way.

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